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Smile Like A Winner!

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If your smile is already beautiful then our Zoom! Whitening procedure will make your smile breathtaking. The procedure is quick and effective. You will love show off your beautiful, stain-free, whiter smile.

Proudly serving Dunwoody and the surrounding area since 2011.

The Zoom! procedure starts with us coating your teeth with the whitening gel and then using a custom low-heat light to break down the hydrogen peroxide

in the gel.


This will allow the oxygen in the gel to bleach the enamel and dentin of the teeth. Normally the complete process takes approximately 1 hour and you can see results immediately.

How does Zoom! Whitening work?

Let us help you up your confidence level with the amazing pain-free Zoom! procedure. You will want to walk around all day smiling just to show others your new, whiter smile. You'll find that the procedure is quick and provides immediate results.


Call us today to schedule your appointment to whiten your teeth with Zoom!

Never hold back your smile again

When you get your teeth whitened in our office, we work hard to make the procedure affordable. In fact, we accept most insurance plans and offer financing plans.

Affordable teeth whitening procedure

A big brighter smile to enhance your looks

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